What to Do All Summer : 100 Days of Summertime 2015 {And a Giveaway}

If you struggle to come up with ideas for what your kids can do during the summer months (yes it's right around the corner) pick up a copy of  the new 100 Days of Summertime 2015 eBook.   The 100 Days of Summertime ebook has been newly updated for 2015.  It's  149 digital pages of summertime ideas.  Each day of the month from Sunday, May 25 until Monday, August 31 has a summertime activity for you to partake in. Banish "Mom! I'm bored!" from your child's vocabulary! I think this is an ingenious product. You don't have to partake in each of the activities (who would have the time) … [Read more...]

A+ Tutorsoft Adaptive Placement Test Online Program Review


You may remember that a couple of years ago we reviewed the A+ Interactive Math program for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. (If you're looking for a good basic online Math program for your child check out that review.) Well this year we got to review something new from the A+ family. The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan by A+ Interactive Math The The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan is a a 3 month online interactive program that uses testing to identify and close gaps in your child's math education. Why I Wanted to Review the Adaptive … [Read more...]

The Inn at Ocean’s Edge by Colleen Coble a Book Review


About the Book:  The Inn at Ocean's Edge (Thomas Nelson, April 2015)A vacation to Sunset Cove was her way of celebrating and thanking her parents. After all, Claire Dellamore's childhood was like a fairytale. But with the help of Luke Elwell, Claire discovers that fairytale was really an elaborate lie . . .The minute she steps inside the grand Inn at Ocean's Edge, Claire Dellamare knows something terrible happened there. She feels it in her bones. Her ensuing panic attack causes a scene, upsetting her parents. Claire attempts to quiet her nerves with a walk on the beach, to no avail. … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday for the Week of May 4, 2015

Menu Plan Monday for May 4, 2015

It's Sunday night. The time I sit down and think about what I'm going to feed my family from my vast stores that I lovingly hover over. Last week I had lots of changes in my planned menu. That usually happens. Not a biggie. My meat for my meatloves never thawed fully so we ended up having catfish instead. It was good but, man! I really wanted meat loaf! So that's back on the menu for this week. I also had planned to make the Asparagus and White Bean Gratin.  Also another recipe from last week. I was really looking forward to that but my grocery shopping got moved to a different day and I … [Read more...]

Give Your Mother Something Unique for Mother’s Day : Zazzle Review and Giveaway


"Mother's Day is on the Horizon! Oh my goodness!" Those were my words when I was reminded recently that Mother's Day is soon upon us. It's coming so soon! What to get??!! What to do???!!! Now I usually spend a lot of time agonizing over what to get the various moms in my circle for mother's day. Apart from my own mother I usually give out little trinkets and tokens of shared motherlyness. Some hand made, some purchased, all gushed over. And that will again happen this year. But my own mother gets something special Recently my mother and I were oohing and aahing while looking in a … [Read more...]

Dial Baby Wash and Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash Review and Giveaway


New mama's and mama's of little ones I've got something for you. New Dial Baby Body and Hair Wash and New Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash. You're familiar with the Dial name I'm pretty sure. But are you aware of these products? Babies and kids have such delicate skin you only want to use the best on them. Dial has worked with pediatric dermatologists to come up with something for babie's perfect skin. It gently removes environmental dirt for a head to toe clean. New Dial Baby Body and Hair Wash and New Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash products are... Developed with Pediatric … [Read more...]

Dollar Stretcher Tips for April 30, 2015

Dollar Stretcher Tips for April 30, 2015

Gym Bag Smell If you have a smelly gym bag, you don't need to buy expensive odor removers. Just put a dryer sheet into your gym bag. You'll have no more sweaty smell! Kaitlyn Fly Away I'm not sure why it works, but if you fill a zipper baggie half full of water and place it by your door, flies won't go through the door. I think that it has something to do with their eyes. But, that doesn't matter. What counts is that it works for us! Justin Moving Boxes We moved from Florida to Indiana last summer. We did all of our own packing. Our local bookstore was a wonderful source for boxes. The … [Read more...]

The ABC’s Of Homeschooling Essentials Roundup

What do homeschooling families consider their top priorities? Maybe not in this order the Schoolhouse Review Crew gang has a list from A to Z  on things they consider important in their homeschool days.... yes I'm Homemaking and Homeschooling. Boy this issue can give me pause! Check out the complete list of the A-B-C's of Homeschooling Essentials  over at SchoolHouseReviewCrew.com … [Read more...]

To Win Her Favor by Tamera Alexander a Book Review


About the Book: A gifted rider in a world where ladies never race, Maggie Linden is determined that her horse will become a champion. But the one man who could help her has vowed to stay away from thoroughbred racing forever. An Irishman far from home, Cullen McGrath left a once prosperous life in England because of a horse racing scandal that nearly ruined him. He's come to Nashville for a fresh start, hoping to buy land and begin farming, all while determined to stay as far away from thoroughbred racing as possible. But starting over proves harder than he'd wagered, especially when Maggie … [Read more...]