September 2014 Home Organizing Checklist

  ____ Sep 1 Today is Labor Day. Traditionally many head out of town for one last camping trip or other favorite summer activity. If you leave your home for an extended period of time, here are some home security tips. 1) Mow your lawn before your leave. 2) Leave contact information. 3) Use timers for your lights. ____ Sep 2 Spend time today working on your household routines or cleaning schedule. Ask yourself; How can I change the routines to be more efficient? Do I need to alter the plan to better fit a change in schedules? Have our families’ priorities changed? ____ Sep 3 … [Read more...]

Miracle in a Dry Season by Sarah Loudin Thomas


Synopsis: In small town West Virginia, 1954, one newcomer’s special gift with food produces both gratitude and censure. Will she and her daughter find a home there?   My Review: I wanted to read this book after reading it's smaller prequel the novella Appalachian Serenade. Sarah is a new author and I was so impressed with the novella I was really excited to see Miracle in Dry Season. I really enjoyed this style of writing. I could just imagine this small town and all the narrow minds of the people involved. Sarah really knows how to weave a tale and her characters are so richly … [Read more...]

September 1, 2014 Monday – Menu Plan


  Oh wow Happy Monday, Happy Labor Day, and first day of September! Goodness time flies! Last week I pulled some sesame chicken from the freezer. I whipped up some veggie slivers and pickled them (meaning I add vinegar and some seasonings) and then served everything over Basmati Rice. It was quite delicious so I'll be repeating that again to kick off our menu. It was nice and easy too using things I already had on hand. Pickling veggies is a nice way to add a kick to your dinner menu. I just simmer a few minutes in a flavored vinegar and add a pinch of sugar to taste. This time I … [Read more...]

Revamping Things in the Home for Back to Homeschool


We start back to homeschool in a few days and in addition to getting the homeschool room ready for the coming school days I also need to focus on revamping various things around the home to create a workable routine. The last couple of months in our home have been all about moving. First packing, then buying, then moving into a new home. It's been intense but I think well worth it. While our previous home was a blessing and I was content there (sort of) the owners wanted to sell so God opened a door for us to find a place that is actually more suited to our needs. He turned … [Read more...]

Decluttering Before You Move


If there is no other organizing thing you do you must declutter before you move. I say that so boldly because I've just moved, in a fairly organized manner I think I can say, and the one area where I failed miserably is in the decluttering department. Decluttering  can save so much in the headache arena that you surely do not want to miss the opportunity when it's your time to move. I'm into week 3 living in my new home after a hefty move and I did not heed my own advice. Why not? What's my excuse? Well I got so disgusted at the endless house hunting I felt that we would never … [Read more...]

August 25, 2014 Monday – Menu Plan

Happy Monday people! I feel like my head is coming up out of the sand. We are on week three of living in our new home and while it doesn't feel like "home" yet it's getting there. I've been struggling in the dinner department because our new oven doesn't work. Granted it is still hot out so I'm not using the oven anyway but it's the principal of the thing and it seems to be stiffling my creativity. We have a Whirlpool something or other and I'm not impressed with the company. Our oven has not worked from day one and instead of replacing this "lemon" (it came with the house) the Whirlpool … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Mixes, Snacks and Cookies


My sister,  like a lot of people, is gluten free. Gluten in her body gives a bad reaction that has her reeling from the results for days. I also love to bake but am clueless when it comes to making gluten free goodies.  I end up feeling bad when we have family get togethers and there is nothing sweet for her to eat come dessert time. While I pick up a few gluten free mixes for cakes now and then cake doesn't cut it all the time and I hadn't really seen anything good for gluten free cookies... until now. Recently GinnyBakes sent me a nice generous box of their cookies, cookie mixes, and … [Read more...]