This Month on Homemaking Organized


  It's August! And this month we're working on.... Back to School! Can you believe it already?! We're implementing our Great Morning Plan. If you struggle with getting things done during the day and want to capture more hours in your day I highly recommend getting on the Morning Plan bandwagon. Continuing with 34 Weeks of Clean (this month we're in the homeschool room and home office, ) Getting some summer fun in. Joining the July Blogging Challenge This Month Check out the Carnival of Homeschooling … [Read more...]

Patterns of Evidence Exodus: Review and Giveaway

POE Image

  I love Bible documentaries. Especially the ones where we get to travel back to ancient lands and see the proof of God's word and where His Story began. For more than 50 years, the vast majority of the world's most prominent archaeologists and historians have proclaimed that there is no hard evidence to support the Exodus story found in the Bible. What?!! In fact, they say that the archaeological record is completely opposed to the Bible's account. This view of extreme skepticism has spread from academia to the world. The case against the Exodus appears to be so strong … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday August 3, 2015


Greetings:  Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent this weekend getting some yard work done. And hopefully working off some pounds. I had my husband fire our yard service (they were doing an awful job) and told him to pay me to get the yard nice and pretty. I've yet to be paid but our lawn looks so much better so that's all the payment I need (for now). During my morning yard ministrations I was also able to meet one my sweet neighbors who took me on a tour of her oasis of a back yard. We have similarly designed back yards so it was nice to see what I might be … [Read more...]

5 Home Decor Ideas for Big Blank Walls


Staring at a blank wall can cause you to feel overwhelmed and in search of wall decorating ideas.  I know this personally. I have 3 such walls in my home and I'm moving into year two here without having done anything to them yet. There are many ways that you can take a big wall space and transform it into a cozy space that fits your personality. Here are 5 ways to decorate those big blank walls that I am considering in the next 12 months (hopefully). 1. Photo Collage:  If you have many family photos,  framing them in similar frames and making a wall collage using the framed photos is … [Read more...]

What Happens Each Part of Your Young Child’s Day


It's okay if your daily schedule changes depending upon the day of the week. That's a good thing. We don't want to get in a rut and variety is the spice of life you now. But for now let's just focus on the routines for one day. The goal is not to over schedule your child but to provide a bit of stability in the familiar and opportunities for learning and discovery. Your morning and evening routines for your child are the most important. Giving your child a good start to each day and ending in the serene security of home. And when you do plan the day leave space for the unexpected. … [Read more...]

Provide Preschool Time at Home for Your Child


  My daughter still recalls with fondness her preschool days at home. I had the habit of including a little tea for our lunch each day. We drank juice or water but we used her little tea set and she poured. I cut our sandwiches with cookie cutters and made made spreadable cheese out of yogurt. I guess she's hinting she wants to go back to those times. I'll think about it. When peanut was small we began with and I still have that copy but there are plenty of great Preschool at Home programs available. Here are some great home preschool programs ABCMouse: ABCMouse is an … [Read more...]

Back to School Labels from Label Daddy 20% Off

Save 20% on Label Daddy labels! Label Daddy is the number one solution for labeling your belongings! Remember to label all clothing, sports equipment, electronics, and other personal belongings your kids bring to school, camp, sports leagues, day care, vacation, and other places. Label Daddy labels keep them from getting lost or mixed up with others. These labels are great for adults too! -- Put them on your sunglass/eyeglass case, phone, camera, sports equipment, tablet, e-reader, hats, clothing, and more. These labels are super durable peel-and-stick washable labels -- they're … [Read more...]

The Curiosity Keeper : a Litfuse Book Review


About the Book:  The Curiosity Keeper (Thomas Nelson, July 2015)"It is not just a ruby, as you say. It is large as a quail's egg, still untouched and unpolished. And it is rumored to either bless or curse whoever possesses it." Camille Iverness can take care of herself. She's done so since the day her mother abandoned the family and left Camille to run their shabby curiosity shop. But when a violent betrayal leaves her injured with no place to hide, Camille must allow a mysterious stranger to come to her aid. Jonathan Gilchrist never wanted to inherit Kettering Hall. As a second son, he … [Read more...]

Dollar Stretcher Tips for July 30, 2015


Simple Veggie Wash Working in a school lunchroom has given me the opportunity to learn some kitchen tricks. We were taught to wash produce with salt water. Just fill your sink with water and add a couple of tablespoons of salt. Make sure the produce is covered with water for about 10 minutes. Sherri Glass Top Stove Clean-Up I drink a lot of hot tea. I just fill up the kettle and put it on a different burner every time. I overfill it slightly, and the hot water boils onto the stove top. The grease and stains wipe up easily after being hit with the boiling hot water. This is easier and … [Read more...]

A Heart’s Home (A Journey of the Heart book 5) by Colleen Coble, Book Review


About the Book: Emmie's hope for a life with Isaac is overshadowed by a tragic loss at Fort Phil Kearny. Isaac Liddle is keen to marry Emmie and she knows she shouldn't hide her pregnancy from him any longer. But before she can tell him her secret, a widower friend asks the impossible of Emmie: Will she honor her promise to his dead wife by marrying him to care for the orphaned baby? With the Sioux Wars threatening outside the fort, Emmie's solemn vow threatens her happiness from within. Will she honor a promise sure to break her heart—and Isaac's? Or is there another way to find … [Read more...]