This Month on Homemaking Organized

  It's July! And this month we're working on.... We're till working on creating a Great Morning Plan. If you struggle with getting things done during the day and want to capture more hours in your day I highly reccommend getting on the Morning Plan band. Continuing with 34 Weeks of Clean (this month we're in the storage area, ) Getting some summer fun in. Only $1.99 for the Kindle version on Amazon right now! … [Read more...]

July Blogging Challenge – Day 5 – Homeward Bound


So I don't blog on Sundays. Sometimes though I'll set up a post to go live on Sunday. That's what I've done here. Since tomorrow is Sunday and our theme for the day in the July Blogging Challenge (click the link at bottom to find out more) is Home I would like to combine the two and focus on what home is (or should be) to a Christian. Ahem! While I love my earthly home that the Lord has blessed me with it is my eternal home that I strive for. Though I am not perfect nor do I profess to be that is a weight off of my shoulders.  I can't get to my eternal home through perfection but … [Read more...]

July Blogging – Day 3 – View


I'm very late with today's challenge but we had an early 4th of July Celebration this evening. By my clock I still have 5 minutes to make it so here goes! Today's Prompt is View What do I think of when I think of View. Well for me it's really pretty scenery that I can get lost in. Here's a shot from a recent trip.... Now isn't that lovely! I hope you have a lovely Independence Day.   ~Kemi   Join the July Blogging Challenge at This Day Has Great Potential … [Read more...]

Clothing Storage Printable and Inventory Sheet


This week's printable is for clothing storage. If you're like me you hold on to some (not all) of your child's clothing for siblings, cousins, or a family you've been eyeballing in church. It helps to keep things organized so you know just where to go. To use this printable (2 pages)  write on the labels the number of the box (just start at 1), the age or size of the clothing, and if it's for a boy or girl. Cut out and paste the labels (using packing tape, no need to buy special label paper here) … [Read more...]

Dollar Stretcher Tips for July 2, 2015

Save on Landscaping and other Dollar

Reduce Drying Time I run the spin cycle twice on my washer. I've found that running it a second time reduces the amount of time that clothes need to spend in the dryer. And that saves money! Krystin Nearly Cash I like to use cash because it helps me reduce my spending, but I don't like the thought of being robbed. I started carrying traveler's checks. I can use them like cash, but if I'm robbed, I can stop payment on them. Audrey Unexpected Senior Discounts Check with your state. Ohio has a "Golden Buckeye Card" available to seniors 60 and up and the disabled. We get 10% off at many … [Read more...]

July Blogging Challenge – Day 2 – Quotes


Welcome to Day 2 of the July Blogging Challenge where we're blogging all 31 days of July! Today I get to share my favorite quote with you today. There are so many good quotes it is very hard to pick just one. Okay so I haven't really learned yet to be oh so content but I do say this to myself often.   "Have I Ever Steered You Wrong?" ~ Cleo from Clifford the Big Red Dog. I know this show has been cancelled but when my daughter was watching it whenever Cleo says this right before doing exactly that, steering some poor puppy wrong that is, it just makes me … [Read more...]

July Blogging Challenge – Day 1 – Who Am I ?


My friend Lynn over at This Day Has Great Potential has starting a lovely blogging challenge for July I need this like I need....well you know. But I want to work on my blogging a bit so I figure joining a month long challenge for blogging daily will help to keep me from procrastinating so much about blogging. Besides these are many of my partners in reviewing crime from the Schoolhouse Review Crew. For July 1 (it's 10:30 pm where I'm at) is WHO and we are to introduce ourselves. So here goes... I'm Kemi and have been married to husband for 17 years. We have one sweet daughter … [Read more...]

A Secret of Organizers – Labels and a Label Daddy Review


I was reading an article the other day on some of the effective tools highly organized people use. Organized people are organized because they know what to use to keep things in order. Sometimes I consider myself organized and sometimes not so much. I know that perfectionism and procrastination can be my biggest downfalls to keeping things in order. Back to the list. One of the items on the highly organized list was something I try to use quite a bit in my own home. Labels! Organized people label everything...well most things. I actually didn't start labeling things until a few years … [Read more...]

A Heart’s Betrayal (A Journey of the Heart book 4) by Colleen Coble, Book Review


About the Book:  Emmie makes a promise to her friend that, if fulfilled, could mean the end to her dreams of a future with Isaac. Emmie Croftner let Isaac Liddle go to avoid telling him about her past. But Isaac remains determined to win Emmie's heart and hand. Though Emmie resolves to keep her heart in check, it hurts when she sees that another woman has set her bonnet for Isaac. Then Emmie's dear friend extracts a costly promise: if anything happens to her in childbirth, Emmie will marry her widower and raise the baby herself. And it seems Emmie may have to fulfill that … [Read more...]

Monday Menu Plan and a Korean Taco Recipe June 29, 2015

Korean-Tacos_Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! In food news last week we continued to supplement one meal each day with a smoothie/drink thing from the .  My husband reports more energy, less sugar cravings, and better sleep. I report less sugar cravings, and more energy too. I already sleep well so... My daughter reports yumm! Now wanting to keep a good thing going I remembered a while ago I had read an article about juicing the same greens over and over can have a negative effect. Witnessing such a thing happening to my mom (with other foods not greens) I concur that too much of a good thing can backfire on … [Read more...]